søndag den 5. marts 2017

Week 9-2017 a quiet week (But still + 18%)

Dear reader.

Here comes a update of my account from Week 9.

As you see it has been a very quiet week for Novo share, which still stands at 250, I'm still waiting for Novo comes with something big like a new product for this would very easy bring the price up to 260 or maybe 280, I still think that this stock has many options for a price from 260 to 270 this year.
I have now paid DKK 8500, - to my account as a payment for March, I still have a + 18% over the last nine weeks, which I think is very good.
I found the market slow on Friday, I will wait to buy for my DKK 8500, - in week 10 and of course I will immediately write if I buy or sell.
Naturally, I would like to just point out that if you want, you can follow me and see my account online at: https://www.shareville.dk/medlemmer/mrasia/portfolios/184518/positions
So I recommend2017 buy / hold

Thank you for this time and I look forward to writing again soon.

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