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Week 11-2017 Update +12,91%

Dear reader
Here comes a small "Update" for week 11

Novo B share has declined to 235 and therefore my account now at + 12.91%, but I'm still waiting on a price 260-280 maybe in years.

Hold / Buy

This week's advice

Get rich - in many ways

It takes time to get rich, as already mentioned. If you do not already wealthy at the age of 40, it may be because you have invested your time in other things  but money and make money.
You can be rich in friends, experiences, hobbies - remember, it's not money that leads to happiness, happiness is about how you feel inside.Money is just one of many parameters that can be a shortcut to happiness. This does not mean that money does not matter for how rich you generally feel in your life - is obviously easier when you do not have to - as mentioned earlier - spend a lot of energy worrying about finances.But it's actually about what you spend your money on - whether you feel rich, understood in the context of a general feeling of happiness and not only rich in the strict economic sense:"Perhaps the most important things we happiness researchers have learned is how quickly most people get used to most tangible improvements in that they raise their expectations:
If you get richer, you can reach to experience more, but you also learn to expect more of his life.
Realize you do not, and will therefore continue to chase something you get used extra quickly arises what psychologists call a focusing illusion: Many believe, for example, that a bigger car or a nicer house will make them happier. This makes it perhaps, but only briefly.Yet they continue to focus on all the time to get an even bigger car - without realizing that they never achieve a long lasting feeling of happiness, "reads the conclusion example, in an article from Videnskab.dk, which concludes that money on its makes us happier. It's about spending the money properly. if you use it on something tangible like a new car, goods feeling of happiness cards.
If you use on the the money on experiences, goods happiness feeling a lot longer:"It is because we do not wean ourselves just as quickly to the consumption of experiences, as we do to the consumption of material goods.If you buy a new washing machine, there is no actual experiences associated with it, and habituation is very quick we use rather a part of our income on vacations, tickets to the theater or a concert is habituation much slower for most.
I'll write again soon

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