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Week 5-2017 profits brought back DKK 966, -

Dear reader

Here is the status of the week 5-2017.

Yesterday the 31-01-2017 wrote Ritzau

G4S / RBC: Price target raised to 26.96 kr. From 23,70 kr.07:01The Canadian financial institution RBC Capital Markets lifts price target for shares in G4S. Now sounds price target of 26.96 kr. Against the previous 23.70 kr., 

While the recommendation is still outperform.

It is apparent from Bloomberg News.

Monday closed G4S shares with a fall of 1.1 per cent. to 22 kr./ Ritzau / FINANCE Anna Fredslund Søjberg +45 33 30 03 35 Ritzau Finans, E-mail: finans@ritzau.dk, www.ritzaufinans.dk

I therefore chose to sell my 420 shares in G4S, here's is my bill from my bank

According to the request we have at your expense sold the following securities

G4S (ISIN GB00B01FLG62) - 

G4S  PLC  Number                 Price      Currency         Market                               Time
420                                           22.39     DKK                OMX COPENHAGEN    09:21:07

Settlement Purchase price (DKK) 9 403.80Brokerage                          (DKK) 29.00Cost                                   (DKK) 0.00interest rate                                    0.00
To gain                               (DKK) 9 374.80

I also paid my savings for February 2017 of DKK 8500, -
Now my savings 2 x 8500, - = 17000 -profit of shares 966 -A total of 17,966, -

I'm starting to look at several share purchase, but it takes the little time to make in-depth analysis, therefore, I write as soon as I have found a new company, which will allow fine dividends.

I look forward to writing again soonSee you later

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