fredag den 10. februar 2017

uge 6-2017 update

Dear reader.

Here is a little update.

Right now the exchange rate and varies between 238 and 240, this is the very fine since I bought at a price of 232.8 and there will probably be a while before we see a very high rate, I'm still quite sure that this is the right purchase.

if you want to follow my share page online (live) you can do it here:

Here's a little advice:

Reflect on your purchases

The more money you have should not mean a lesser degree of due diligence. You can buy too expensive and not at the right time if you become indifferent, just because you are not in a financial situation where you as such need to consider every little purchase you are doing.

But remember; many small streams forms a large stream (save up and get rich)

see you later

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