torsdag den 19. januar 2017

Dear reader.

Today is 19-01-2017 and here comes an update for week 3

Today's price 21.73 so now is the value of my depot is now increased by DKK 618, -
If we look back to last year the share price was up at 22.73, so I'm still an opportunity to reach a price of 22.34, this course will my depot be DKK 9380, - which will provide a gain of 10 % (DKK 850, - + fee DKK 29, -) DKK 879, -

Today, we can read this:

G4S / Barclays: Promises recommendation to equilibrium from underweight07:37The British big bank Barclays has raised its recommendation of the shares in the Danish-British service and security company G4S to equilibrium from underweight.The price target is also turned substantially in the air to 260 pence - equivalent to 22.31 kr. - 160 pence, corresponding to 13.86 kr.According to the data from Bloomberg News.The Danish listing of G4S's shares rose 0.9 per cent Wednesday. to 21 kr. In London rose G4S by 0.8 per cent. to 245 pence./ Ritzau / FINANCEAs I've written before, my analysis of G4S, the same as Barclays has come forward and therefore I also believe that we perhaps in January or February sees the price of 22.34 that I want.

This week's tips:

Understand your investmentsIf you put your money in certain investments simply because other, you know, doing the same, you are not enough in what you are doing.If you want to invest, you need to understand how things work - especially if you put money in stocks, funds, bonds, etc.What I am trying to say is that you should examine everything about the companies you want to invest in and google as much knowledge as possible to see if the company has a plan far into the future and the company is willing to change, because the market can quickly turn eg. with a patent or from a StartUp company.I look forward to writing more in week 4See you later Follow my blog with Bloglovin

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